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KThe fascinating world of plantsK

The juice of one makes invisible ink, another spring-releases its seeds at a force greater than the equivalent lift-off of a rocket launching into space.
Some have toxic sap that beggars, in old England, applied to their skin to make pathetic looking sores.
Many plants were/are used by Native Americans in a myriad of interesting ways … including witchcraft and love-medicines!
Some plants are toxic in one form yet beneficial in another.
We never know, when we find a new species, what intriguing information there is to learn about it - and share on this website.

Look for these symbols in our latin name index:
toxic   uses   edible
for these kinds of information about the plants we have identified in our wanders.

Know your flower by sight only?
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IFor your safetyI

Wildflowers West cannot take responsibility for any adverse effects from the use of plants. Always seek advice from an accredited professional before using any plant medicinally or for food. If self-testing use very small quantities and be alert for any adverse effects.

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